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Bubble Tea Paper Straws Diagonal Cut China Manufacturer

Product Details:

These premium strength 12mm Bubble Tea Paper Straws are made from premium FSC certified food grade paper, and printed with water-based food safe inks.

Diagonal Cut 12mm Kraft Bubble Tea Paper Straws available in different length, 200mm, 216mm, or customized, and various printing pattern: solid colors, stripe/chevron/dots. Unwrapped and Wrapped option. Perfect for Boba–Bubble Tea: with diagonal cut tip to pierce sealed tops of the tea cup, and for milkshakes, smoothies as well.   Various printing pattern to suit hotels, cafes, restaurants, hospitality, all events and occasions.

3 ply thickness is the most popular, and we also offer the option for 4 ply thick.

100% biodegradable and Compostable.


  • Made from high quality food grade paper

  • FDA food compliant approved

  • Length: 200mm, 216mm, or Customized

  • Outside Diameter: 12mm

  • The sizes of standard paper straws are 20 to 25cm with a diameter of 12mm

  • Custom Sizes available Outside Dia. 5mm—12mm, Length from 7cm on

  • 100% biodegradable and compostable.

  • A great sustainable alternatives to plastic straws

Paper Straw Production

Production Process

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