Project Description

Compostable Black PLA Straws Straight or Flexible

Product Details:

These black PLA straws are made from renewable plant-based materials,and are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws.

We offer a complete line of PLA straws in various diameter, length, colors to suit alcoholic beverages, juice, cocktail, milkshakes and soft drinks, perfect for hotels, bars, cafes, restaurants, and hospitality

Straight or Flexible

Individually wrapped or unwrapped option

Fully biodegradable in commercial compost facilities


  • Made from 100% renewable plant-based materials

  • FDA food compliant approved

  • Length: 200mm

  • Outside Diameter: 6mm

  • The sizes of PLA straws are from 12 to 25cm with a diameter of 3 to 12 mm

  • Custom Sizes available
    Diameter 3mm—12mm, Length from 7cm on

  • Fully biodegradable in commercial compost facilities

  • A sustainable alternatives to plastic straws

Paper Straw Production

Production Process

Workshop & Packing

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