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Environmentally Friendly Paper Straws | Tulip Baking Cups| Cake Boards

Qingdao EcoPak Products Co., Ltd is a premier manufacturer of high quality Disposable Food, Bakery and other related Packaging products with more than 10 years experience in paper industry.

Consumers are increasingly aware of the impact of disposable convience pacakaging on the environment, and the demand for eco-friendly food packaging is growing rapidly. Qingdao EcoPak is dedicated to providing a wide range of biodegradable and sustainable products including: Paper Drinking Straws, PLA Drinking Straws, Greaseproof Tulip Baking Cup and Cupcake Baking cup, Cake Boards, Cake Boxes and more.

We have been supplying premium products to our customers from America, Europe, Australia and Middle East, building a solid reputation for quality, service and competitiveness.

By combining our expertise in manufacture with the latest technically machines, QD ECOPAK takes pride in providing our customers with the highest quality products in terms of quality and price, and assisting our customers expand business and achieve sustainable goal. Please do contact us about pricing and quantity that best fit your business needs.