6 Benefits of paper straws vs plastic straws

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6 Benefits of paper straws vs plastic straws

Plastic pollution has become one of the most severe environmental issues, especially the single-use plastic items, such as plastic drinking straws, which are disposed right after use—often in few minutes, and not recyclable. These items are simply discarded, eventually get into the oceans, and may persist for hundreds of years, being harmful to the environment and polluting marine life.

Paper Straws are a Sustainable Alternative Option to Plastic Straws

With the rising concerns over the pollution caused by plastic straws, more and more companies and consumers are switching to paper straws instead of plastic, choosing paper over plastic as an eco-friendly alternative for their following benefits:

  1. Paper Straws are made of a natural fibre i.e Recycled Paper which is natural sustainable, biodegradable and renewable material. Paper Straws can naturally be broken down, and decomposed in several weeks.
  2. FDA approved materials: The glue and ink used in Paper Straws production is fully tested, certified, and FDA approved food safe.
  3. Paper Straws are hygienic, durable, hold up great during the course of a meal, and once discarded, they degrade much fast. Plastic often contain additives making them stronger, more flexible, however, these additives usually extend the life of the products if they become litter.
  4. Different Shapes and Sizes for choices: Paper Straws are available in all lengths, Wide(Diameter), and thickness to fit multiple purpose: various beverage and drinks, cake pop stick, cotton candy paper sticks, balloon sticks, etc
  5. Colorful Printing Pattern: A variety of printing pattern, color options: stripe, chevron, polka dots, star, heart, fruit, and many more. These paper straws are great decorations for birthdays, Christmas, wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, housewarming party, engagement party.
  6. Custom logo printing is available for paper straws, which can promote customers’ brand, and enhance their brand influence.

ECOPAK–Professional China Paper Straws Manufacturer

With the trend that many countries begin to impose bans on single-use plastics including plastic drinking straws, the demand for Biodegradable  Paper Straws is growing rapidly. Qingdao ECOPAK Products Co., Ltd is a premier manufacturer of environmentally friendly Disposable products for Food and Bakery packaging located in China, specializing in production of: Paper Drinking Straws, Greaseproof Tulip Baking Cup, and Cake/Pastry Boards for more than 10 years. QD ECOPAK offers a large range of paper straws to meet multiple purpose and business goals:
Safe, Eco-friendly, High Quality and Cost Effective

Explore our website, you can find products that are exactly suitable for your every needs  in length, sizes, color, and printing pattern.

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